12/5/14: I detail my thoughts on the intersection of zoology and street art on my latest blog entry: A Quiet Scene of Street Art in Astoria.

10/2/14: The biguine, the mazurka, and zouk become vehicles for a journey by music through Martinique in my latest piece for Perceptive Travel.

7/21/14: Bear sausage and wild boar steaks are just a few of the menu items on the game trail in Kvarner, Croatia.

7/16/14: Belize is dealing with lionfish, an invasive species, by eating them. I had to join in.

7/10/14: One of the things I found most surprising about Martinique was the island's thriving street art scene.

7/2/14: In my latest piece over at On A Junket, I explain how an icy two-step is part of Love, Death, and Protein in Panama.

5/23/14: Drunk rodents, anti-burek partisans, and snail sausages are all part of Istria’s Edible Empires, my latest piece over at Unmapped Magazine.

4/30/14: I'm stoked that my piece on the demise of Panama City's hand-painted buses won first place in Transitions Abroad's 2014 narrative contest.

3/31/14: Here is car-centric Houston's take on street food: let's call it "park food."

3/3/14: I'm happy to announce that my travel writing has won two golds and two bronzes in the 2014 Travelers' Tales Solas Awards! Here is the list of all winners.

2/16/14: My appetite for frogs' legs scored me a bronze medal in the 2013 NATJA travel journalism awards! Here is the complete list of winners.

1/30/14: Subway riders: have you sampled someone else's reading material lately? Here are a few reflections on the public words on public transit.

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Join Darrin DuFord as he hikes, bribes, and barters his way across Panama, a perennially overlooked filament of the tropics where DuFord encounters a startling richness of cultures between the nation's two coastlines. Sitting down with everyone from scientists to town barflies, DuFord samples such local delicacies as fermented corn homebrew and slow-barbecued jungle rodent while, at every turn, taking the more vernacular--and much more enriching--options of transportation.

Whether jostling in the back of a pickup truck serving as the local bus or uncovering how the country is tackling its ecological quandaries, DuFord opens a window into the little-known day to day struggles and pleasures of the Panamanian people. Is There a Hole in the Boat? reveals a Panama that is not simply a place to watch bloated cruise ships edge along the walls of the Canal. It's a land where the machete can slash through just about anything--except the nation's spirit.

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